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Total Copies     Cost Per Copy     Price Includes-

  1-9                     $7.50 ea                Basic Label

  10-24                 $6.00 ea                Plastic Case

   25+                    Ask for Quote       Brand Name Disks

Transfer (Basic Label  & Plastic Case)

I have the equipment to capture and convert your old video as listed below.
​ VHS Tape    Beta Tape
8mm Analog or Digital Tape
DV Tape    DV-CAM
DV-HD    Sony Disk Cam
Mini-DV    8mm Film
Video is typically transferred to DVD in the standard compressed DVD format.

If raw video is desired, I can transfer it to hard disk or USB drive in an uncompressed format.

​Once the video has been digitized and a master created, it is quite economical to make additional copies. Digital copies are made without any loss of quality.

Transfer Services

VHS, DV, Beta, 8mm
Digitizing to DVD, Hard Drive or Flash Drive




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